Planet Transits – Your Personal Horoscope for 1 Month

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This is your personal horoscope for 1 month by Planet Transits.

This professional Planet Transits reading will tell you about all energies in the whole month:

  • what is this month best for?
  • which areas of life can you activate and when exactly?
  • if there are any dangerous periods and how to avoid bad energy?

Many people are already familiar with such astrological terms as retrograde, full moon, and solar return. They tell us that there are important events on the horizon, and isn’t that the kind of news we read our horoscope for?

The not-so-catchy word is “transit,” but it is the method that really helps us understand what is happening in the sky (and how that activity will affect you).

It’s easy to assume that “transit” simply means any planetary movement – because “transit” implies movement, right? 

In most cases, transits occur when a planet moves through your “natal planets,” or planetary positions in your birth chart.

As you may already know, your birth chart is a snapshot of your entire personality: you can get an idea of your moods, strengths, weaknesses, actions and more just by looking at where your planets are located in Zodiac signs.

With this in mind, if you feel a change in your mood or behavior, perhaps another planet is transiting through one of your natal locations, causing a change in energy.

Tracking transits is fundamental to understanding how planets affect your daily life. You can learn about transits in advance by studying ephemerides, or tables listing all the planets’ movements in the coming months and years.

With this reading, you will get your personal transit forecast for a month, that will help you prepare for important periods in your life.

If you have any questions – send me a message, I always answer with a big pleasure!

My Instagram: @astrologer.nikki

Additional information

2022 - 2023

from your B-day in 2022 until your B-day in 2023

2023 - 2024

from your B-day in 2023 until your B-day in 2024


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