Solar Return – Your Personal Horoscope for 1 year

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This is your personal horoscope for 1 year of your life from your B-day until your next B-day.

There are 6-8 pages about:

  • the main area of your life where you can reach the best results this year
  • positive energies and how to use them
  • negative energies and how to transform them for success
  • the exact time of your Solar Return (your real astrological Birthday)
  • how to celebrate it by using Astrology knowledge
  • the best place to celebrate your B-day (from 2-3 cities of your choice)

You will know what is this year better for: build a career, focus on relationships, open a business, high-risk activities, family, care of your health, etc.

+ special gift “The Guide: How to activate all areas of lifeΒ for the first 12 days of your solar year”. It’s my new 20-pages book where I describe all principles of celebrating your Astrological Birthday.

If you have any questions – send me a message, I always answer with a big pleasure!

My Instagram: @astrologer.nikki

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