Personal Birth Chart Reading Book (digital PDF edition)

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30+ pages all about your personality

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Professional Birth Chart Reading now in a beautiful, unique, PDF Birth Book!

Professional reading of your personal Planets, Houses of your personal core and Ascendant.

30+ personalized pages with my professional reading in stylish design:

  • All about your uniqueness, personality, tenses, relaxation (your personal core planets: the Sun and the Moon)
  • About your communication, how you make choices and motivation (your personal planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars)
  • Your Ascendant and how to use it.

Main topics:

  • where to find life energy
  • what your soul needs for proper relaxation
  • how you perceive and analyze information
  • how to motivate yourself
  • your feminine energy (for women) or masculine (for men)
  • the image of your loved one
  • your social mask

and other information.

I use fundamental knowledge of western astrology. No magic, but logic. Professional interpretation of your birth chart.

Now I’m testing a new format – no audio, but text in unique design (that I’ve created by my own, so my Moon in Pisces was absolutely satisfied :))

2-in-1: professional reading + beautiful design

Feel free to contact me with any questions about astrology. I will be happy to answer you!

My Instagram: @astrologer.nikki


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