About Me

Hello, Universe!

I’m Nikki – a professional certificated astrologer.

I graduated in Birth Chart Reading and Solar Return Prognosis. And I have over a year of practice (just ask my lovely clients).

I read your personal birth chart and translate it from astrological to human language. The real voice reading! (Not an auto-generated report by a computer that you can find a lot on the Internet). I use all of my academic knowledge in Western astrology and my life experience in traveling around the world, living in different countries with different cultures (Asia, South America, Europe), knowledge in psychology, and coaching.

Astrology as GPS:

– helps you when you’ve lost

– shows where you are

– gives different ways to reach your goals

Long story Short

Since I can remember, I have had a game: try to guess the Zodiac sign of every person I meet. Being a child, I was quite good at it, but still missed it many times. I was so curious: Why do people sometimes behave as an absolutely different Zodiac sign?

And only 2 years ago, I found the answer. I’ve got a Full Birth Chart Reading by my friend, and it was amazing! That gave me so many answers about different sides of my personality, I was so impressed!

After that, I started to read all books I could find about Western Natal Astrology. And watched YouTube videos about it. But it was just a mess! Tons of scattered information about Zodiac signs, Planets, Houses, etc. Very interesting …but useless. 

And finally, I’ve found a great School of Astrology with a perfect base of knowledge and explanation of how to use all that information and read Birth Charts professionally. 

I started to practice with many of my friends and relatives (thanks for their curiosity, patience, and feedback). I saw that my knowledge works and become so eager to practice as much as I could.

And even now, after hundreds of hours of Chart Readings, I’m still so curious to read every new Chart and see how this information can help people to refresh their memory about  Who They Are. And find their unique ways, and talents, and live the best life ever!


For now, I’ve finished 3 deep courses in Astrology School of Lilia Gaeva.

Western Astrology – Level One
All about The Birth Chart Reading

Western Astrology – Level Pro
Birth Chart Reading – Deep course
Prognosis of Western Astrology –
Solar Return & Transits

Welcome to my space!

If you wish to understand yourself better and find your unique way – you are at the right place.

Feel free to ask me anything about Western Astrology and how it could help you to make your life better.